08 October 2017

Easy Use Indent Text in Word

What is paragraph indentation in Microsoft Word ? indent is the part of the paragraph that jutted in on the lines of the paragraph. The location of the indentation setting is on Ruler, we can see the picture below for more details.

In the red circle it is the indent setting. There are 4 indentation button settings that we can set according to how the indentation is set, including:

  1. First Line Indent, serves to set the first line only in the paragraph to induce inward. (downward triangle button)
  2. Hanging Indent, serves to set the distance all the lines after the first line in the paragraph. (upward triangle direction button)
  3. Left Indent, serves to set all the lines in a paragraph, or set the distance to the left of the paragraph with the left margin (box button)
  4. Right Indent, serves to set the distance next to the paragraph with the right margin. (right triangle button)

For setting this Indentation is done inside Ruler, just shift to position where we want by click and then hold, pull to position where indenting is placed.

Yups that I can share about Indenting Paragraph in Ms.Office Word 2010, if it is a mistake coming from me, sorry and thank you, see you later.

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